Vanity Leaders

Party with a Purpose

Turn your vision into an unforgettable experience

who we are?

Vanity Leaders is Chicago’s latest addition to the entertainment and creative community that is booming in the city. Vanity provides our audiences with a variety of themed parties and exhibitions to captivate the mind! One week you’re at a musical showcase at a lounge or restaurant, and next weekend you may be out in one of the city’s hottest club scenes. Not only do we host parties and outings, but Vanity Leaders’ believe in enforcing a positive impact into the neighborhoods that make up our city of Chicago.

what we do?

Event Planning

Planning to host an event, birthday celebration, social gathering, etc. and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, for Vanity Leaders will oversee and handle the planning process for you. We’ll help find you affordable venues, room decor, entertainment and more.


Vanity Leaders has a growing network system in the city of Chicago, IL and has what it takes to help put you on the map. Allow Vanity Leaders to promote for you or through your business, in order to help further appeal to a larger audience range that can help benefit you both short-term and in the long run.


Vanity Leaders believe in the power of positivity and good vibes. For this very reason, Vanity Leaders hosts our very own social events, musical showcases/open mics, and pop-ups around the city to provide a platform for the talented entertainers in the city to display their talents in a fun and safe space.

Graphic Design

Do you need help getting people to take notice of your content or do you need cover art for an upcoming project? Tell our team the concept that you have in mind and allow us to create the visual for you that will inform and captivate consumers.


Along with our own photography services, we are also partnered with Kwabena Kumi Photography, a professional free-lance photographer. Check out his Instagram @KwabenaKumiPhotography


Our team will help promote your business and bring targeted potential customers to your service. Through our creative content pieces, we will able to attract a wider audience.

& why we do this?

Vanity Leaders look to be more than just entertainment service, but also a organizaion who gives back to the community. Not only do we host parties and outings, but we believe in enforcing a positive impact into the neighborhoods that make up our city of Chicago. How does vanity play their role into our city's society? By hosting exhibitions and small galas in which we have local artists, musicians, and performers exploit their talents in front of an audience. In doing so, those that participate in our events gain a sense of confidence and experience in performing that may be used to catapult their careers to a higher level.